Surgical Suturing Course – Basic to Advanced
Practical cadaver course
Do you know what cadavers are?
Cadaver is an anatomical non-fixed preparation, frozen immediately after being collected from a donor and thawed just before the course.
In such a preparation, the tissues retain the properties of a living organism, thanks to which the surgical procedure can be faithfully reproduced.
Each anatomical preparation is tested for infectious diseases.
O szkoleniu
We invite you to the advanced practical surgical suturing course
100% practice

Only medical students can participate in the course
  • Limited places, the training is almost individual and focuses on the needs of each Participant
  • Practical course on human preparations not fixed in the operating room
Dzień 1
Registration of participants
Practical introduction
• How to properly use surgical instruments
• How to tie a surgical knot – instrument tie
• Basic types of sutures
Simple skin sutures
• Simple interrupted suture
• Vertical mattress suture
• Horizontal mattress suture
Coffee break
Subcuticular sutures
• Simple burried suture
Running subcuticular sutures
Proper drain fixation with sutures
How to remove sutures
Summary of the course
    Jakub Sobczyk M.D.
Warunki uczestnictwa
Deadline: October 30, 2022 (Sunday)
Place: Centrum Edukacji Medycznej, ul. Brzeska 12, Warsaw (entry from ul. Markowska 9)
Building G, entrance C
There is parking available on site.

Cost of participation:
PLN 420 gross for Students with a valid student ID

PARTICIPANTS OF THE COURSE MAY ONLY BE medical students or medical staff.

Free parking for training participants.

The participation fee includes:
• participation in course,
• coffee breaks,
• certificate of participation in the course
Conditions for participation:
• Click the "Sign Up" button and complete the application form
• Pay for the course after receiving the e-mail confirmation of participation from the organizer.

Confirmation of application:
• the order decides about the acceptance of the application.
• The number of places is limited.
• Accepted application will be confirmed by e-mail containing:
> detailed organizational information
> payment rules
> Organizer's bank account number.
We will send confirmation of participation approximately 10 working days before the date of the meeting.

If you have a discount voucher, please enter the voucher code and its value in the registration form in the "Message to the Organizer" field. Discounts cannot be combined.

Cancellation conditions:

Due to the need to prepare preparations and equipment before each training, we will be grateful to you for immediate contact with us if you are unable to attend the course.

Resignation from participation after October 10, 2022 or absence from the meeting results in an obligation to cover the full cost of participation on the basis of an invoice issued by Centrum Edukacji Medycznej Sp. z o.o.
Resignation from participation should be sent by e-mail to the address
Cancellation of the application is confirmed in writing by the Organizer.

The resignation submitted by October 10, 2022 (inclusive) does not incur any financial burden. Failure to make a payment is not tantamount to resignation from participation. If it is not possible to participate in the meeting, please designate a replacement for the registered person.
The organizer reserves the right to cancel the meeting to changes in the program and to change the venue of the meeting.

Organizational Office:
Medical Education Center, ul. Brzeska 12, 03-737 Warsaw
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