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„We help doctors, nurses, rehabilitators, paramedics and other healthcare professionals to improve their abilities and practical skills”

The Medical Training Centre was established to provide interdisciplinary training for medical staff. The facility’s unique character and also its core activity are defined by practical workshops on non-fixed preparations (cadavers), conducted under operating room conditions.

These are the main areas of our activities:

  • cadaver courses — practical training on non-fixed preparations
  • medical training — practice oriented, often in the form of a workshop
  • conferences associated with modern technologies used in medical practice
Our team

    Kamila Zawadzka
    CEO of Medical Education Center

    Karolina Popek-Pułczyńska
    Plannig and Analysis Manager
    +48 506 168 449

    Anna Kurzawa
    Team Manager
    +48 885 615 165

    Karolina Sawczuk
    Project Manager
    +48 885 615 164

    Monika Wojtasiewicz
    Project Manager
    +48 887 668 084

    Maciej Gregorczuk
    Koordynator Laboratorium
    885 881 866

    Laura Abd-Eddaimi
    Kierownik ds. promocji szkoleń medycznych
    +48 885 860 432

    Żaneta Szyszka
    Specjalista ds. promocji szkoleń medycznych
    +48 885 881 865

    Monika Radzimirska
    Promotion Specialist
    +48 785 556 600
Why you should choose us?
    Cadaver training courses on non-fixed preparations
    Through these courses, doctors have the opportunity to practice operative techniques on real tissues and organs. Practical training on preparations makes it possible to practice different medical procedures in a realistic setting. During this training, doctors can make (and correct) surgical errors and observe the consequences of different decisions without risking injuries to the patient.
    Experienced instructors
    They guarantee that the participants will have their questions or doubts addressed before they complete the training. The participants are presented knowledge in an accessible and practical way by a person with more experience, knowledge or longer professional practice.
    Training under operating room conditions
    Operating room conditions, a full range of surgical instruments and the best equipment. Doctors practice in exactly the same conditions in which they work every day. They cannot be replaced by any conference room.
    The CEM also facilitates advances in medicine by conducting scientific research, specialisation activities for doctors and courses for medicine students.
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