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We are committed to presenting the best quality content and we offer a practical approach.
We monitor the latest developments in medicine and we work together with the most renowned national and international experts.

  • specialist and interdisciplinary scientific conferences
  • educational seminars and congresses
  • computer workshops (e.g. with training in radiological image assessment)
  • workshops on non-fixed preparations to accompany a congress/scientific conference
  • exclusive practical training on non-fixed preparations for your team
  • practical training on non-fixed preparations on a given subject for students
  • hands-on workshops
Anna Kurzawa
Team Manager of Medical Education Centre
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Hands-on workshops

A HANDS-ON WORKSHOPinvolves individual training in surgical techniques on non-fixed preparations in order to:

  • prepare for a difficult surgery• gain practice and improve skills
  • carry out work for research and scientific articles
  • test instruments, medical equipment and implanting prostheses or other implants
  • dissect and explore connections between anatomical structures
  • practice techniques as part of team/multidisciplinary work

As part of our collaboration, we offer:

  • access to a chosen anatomical preparation,
  • access to an arthroscopy tower,
  • access to a training laboratory which resembles an operating room setting with facilities,
  • access to basic surgical instruments available at the centre
  • exclusive services of technical and laboratory personnel on an agreed date.
Masterclass courses

We invite doctors of various specialisations to take part in individual (i.e. exclusive) hands-on workshops on non-fixed preparations with an instructor. We will prepare a room, equipment and personnel for such a course for a mutually agreed date.

Cadaver laboratory rental

As part of our collaboration, we offer:

The rental of a laboratory (dissecting room) and contracting of technical personnel exclusively for an agreed date.
This includes:
− the rental of a laboratory with facilities (cloak rooms, toilets, room for making preparations);− wynajem sal seminaryjnych
− the rental of seminar rooms;
− access to the dining room;
− the services of a technical team and dissecting room worker: room preparation, assembly and disassembly of equipment/preparations, everyday cleaning before and after the workshop and the ongoing supply of disposable equipment;
A complete set of disposable personal protective equipment, including:
– basic set: disposable gown, gloves, shoe covers;
− additionally, depending on individual needs: mask and eyewear whenever indicated;
− spare set: if the basic set needs to be replaced or another set needs to be used if the basic set is damaged.

Sławomir Karpiński
Laboratory Manager of Medical Education Centre
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Promotional collaboration

If you want to gain direct access to more than 3,500 doctors every year, we offer the opportunity of:

  • renting an exhibition area during the events we organise
  • constant visual identification in our office and during our events (a showcase in our office, roll-up banners, sponsor packages, information material inserts and distribution of promotional gadgets)
  • buying advertising time during events and the individual presentation of your company
  • cooperation in the form of honorary and media patronage
  • cooperation in organising projects
Agnieszka Drabarek
Promotion Manager of Medical Education Centre
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